Rechtsanwalt Avvocato Westhelle founded the law-firm at the end of 2003 in continuation of his prior professional practice in Germany and Italy.

These previous experiences in the fields of corporate, contract, agency, distribution, intellectual property and competition law obtained while working for law-firms in Cologne (RAe CorneliusBatenbachHaesemann) and Turin (studio legale Lexjus Bortolotti&Mathis) gave birth to the idea to offer to commercial enterprises competent cross-border legal services and consultation within Europe. The knowledge of the specific local laws and business conditions has substantial and not neglectable importance to being able to provide profound and complete legal advice and assistance.

Due to the admission to both the German and Italian bar and the professional cross-border experience in Germany and Italy, the interests of clients can be pursuit directly – without language barriers – especially in Germany and Italy.

Interdisciplinary questions can be solved directly and at the place of interest, if deemed necessary with assistance of specialists belonging to other professions, to assure assistance and pursuit of client’s interests under all necessary aspects.

Within Germany this goal is archived by collaborating closely with professionals of the Axis consulting group and its incorporated law-firm Axerpartnerschaft, Rechtsanwalt Avvocato Westhelle being one of the associates, in Cologne.

Depending on their nature, legal and consulting services in Italy may be carried out, if deemed necessary, in collaboration with approved project partners such as specialised Lawyers, tax-advisors or other professionals.